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When you have successfully registered for the webinar, you will find the corresponding webinar ID on the following page. You need to enter this webinar ID on the login page next to the e-mail address that you used to register for the webinar.

Before the webinar, we’ll send you reminder emails that also contain this information.

  • Having problems registering for the webinar?
  • To register for the webinar, you need to fill out a form. Only the fields marked with * are mandatory. If you can’t see the entire form, please temporarily de-activate the browser plugin Ghostery and re-load the page.

  • Having problems with the “GoToWebinar” registration?
  • We utilise the software GoToWebinar. If you haven’t taken part in a GoToWebinar meeting before, please test your connection in advance.

    You will receive all the information after you register. You will also receive a reminder email shortly before the webinar. 

  • Can’t hear anything?
  • We do a sound check shortly before the start of the webinar. If you still can’t hear anything by the time the webinar begins, try clicking on the Mute button at GoToWebinar.

  • Problems with the connection?
  • Make sure that you fulfil the system requirements. You can check this here. 

  • Want to ask a question during the webinar?
  • It’s questions that really make webinars so exciting! Ask your question in the chat and send it off.

    The question can be seen by the organisers and the speaker. Usually, we don’t go through all the questions until the end of the webinar, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive an answer immediately.