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Trusted Shops customer reviewsTrusted Shops customer reviewsTrusted Shops customer reviewsTrusted Shops customer reviewsTrusted Shops customer reviews

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Trusted Shops Service and Product Reviews
are real all-rounders

They enable you to improve your SEO ranking, increase clicks on Google,
and boost trust in your online shop.

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Shop reviews play a crucial role from the search on Google until check-out

Customer reviews are the most decisive factor when customers shop online1. Use this conversion driver throughout the customer journey with the help of the Trustbadge®.

Improve your SEO/SEA ranking by converting your reviews into eye-catching star-ratings with our Google Integration and turn visitors into loyal customers with social proof. Showing stars in your Google Ads can lead to a 17% increase in your campaigns' click-through rate.2

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Reduce your bounce and return rate with product reviews

You’ve done it: potential customers are browsing your shop! Use product reviews as virtual advisors – they are read by almost 3/4 of online shoppers1. The question of whether a product meets their expectations should no longer make visitors leave your shop.

Reduce your bounce and return rate with unique user-generated content that enrich your product descriptions with independent feedback from existing customers. Stars are also effective in Google product ads, which get 5% more clicks on average.2

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We’re happy to help

How does Trusted Shops help with international sales? How much will the right package cost you? What will these individual features do for your shop specifically?

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Easy to manage, easy to succeed.

Efficient reviews management: We've got the best tools for collecting, displaying and managing your reviews - even on the go!
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Collecting reviews

Activate the Trusted Shops Trustbadge® in your e-commerce platform so your future customers receive review requests automatically. We offer many tools to help you collect plenty of reviews in an effective and consistent way.

Start with our Review Collector to ask customers to review orders that have already been completed. Do you want to take your existing reviews with you to Trusted Shops? Just import your existing reviews. Of course, they will be marked for differentiation.

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Displaying reviews

The Trustbadge® shows your ratings and comments in your shop. Customers who want to find out more can click on the Trustbadge to be redirected to your Trusted Shops review profile.

You can also show off your reviews on social media. Use our Service and Product Review Sticker to display Google optimised reviews in your shop.

Thanks to our APIs, you can give free rein to your creativity when displaying reviews. With the Google integration, you lay the groundwork for using your star-ratings for SEO purposes and also for your SEA campaigns.

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Managing reviews

Integrate reviews into your quality process: We support you with a clear back-end and efficient analysis tools, so that you always have an open ear for your customers. Identify shortcomings in your service or even in your product range thanks to the feedback provided by your customers.

Take an active approach to feedback and react in a solution-oriented way! This enables you to centralise customer reviews rather than finding them spread over the internet. Keep your reputation under control!

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Selling in 120+ countries

“Today, it is no longer enough to treat complaints. It is necessary to transform them into opportunities. With these opportunities, we have made it possible to significantly develop our sales.”

With 15 different websites, Millésima has global ambitions. See how partnering with Trusted Shops helped them build trust, improve their logistics, and restructured their customer service

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Features for your success

Google Integration

Optimise your Google Ads invest­ments. With Trusted Shops Customer Reviews and Google Integration, you'll be able to display your stars in Google Ads and Google Shopping, which can boost clicks! Trusted Shops is one of the few worldwide official Google-certified reviews providers.



We offer numerous features to collect, show, and manage reviews. Would you like to get more details? Do you have any questions?

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Integrating our traffic boosters into your shop is easy!

Trusted Shops customer reviews are quickly and easily integrated with our Trustbadge® for you to immediately start collecting and displaying reviews.

This is how it's done

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