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The Trusted Shops Trustmark

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Charles Tyrwhitt

65% of buyers feel more secure in online shops with a trustmark

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The Trusted Shops trustmark distinguishes trustworthy online shops

Apply for the Trusted Shops trustmark and show that you, too, meet our comprehensive quality criteria and handle your customers’ personal data with care. Offer more security! Indeed, a shop with the Trusted Shops trustmark is a shop offering its customers the money-back guarantee. This means that customers are protected against financial risks when buying from that shop.

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Boost sales

Improve your conversion rate by ensuring your customers a relaxed shopping experience with no financial risk thanks to the Trusted Shops money-back guarantee. More trust means that your customers stay in your shop longer. The positive shopping atmosphere leads to higher average basket values and a decrease in the cart abandonment rate.

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“Simply safe shopping”

That’s the promise we make to any users who buy from shops displaying the Trusted Shops trustmark. Those certified shops keep this promise by fulfilling our quality criteria. More than 25,000,000 customers have been convinced by Trusted Shops and have secured their shopping carts automatically with our money-back guarantee.

Show off the Trusted Shops trustmark in your shop! The audit is highly efficient – and instead of a simple protocol, you receive specific instructions for changes. And don’t worry - technical integration is very easy, too!

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We’re happy to help

How does Trusted Shops help with international sales? How much will the right package cost you? What will these individual features do for your shop specifically?

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Boost your conversion rates.

An example calculation:

Conversion rate 2 %
25 million visits,
500.000 purchases
+ 4 %
Conversion rate 2,08 %
25 million visits,
520.000 purchases
Turnover € 25 million
500.000 purchases with an
avg. basket value of € 50
+€ 1 million
Turnover € 26 million
520.000 purchases with an
avg. basket value of € 50

A/B test results


A/B test results


Quality criteria

We guide you through the certification process and provide you with recommendations for action. Our audit report does not only document errors, but also provides you with information on how to correct them. Trusted Shops will take the following aspects into account when checking your shop:

Entering the German Market as a Trustworthy Brand

“Some members of our team have had previous experiences with Trusted Shops, particularly when entering the German market. All of these experiences were great.”

Mr. Henning Källqvist, founder and CEO

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Fast and easy integration: That’s how Trusted Shops works for your shop.

You can integrate the Trusted Shops Trustmark with the Buyer Protection into many e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks. Our Trustbadge® makes it possible!

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