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Build trust - from advertising to checkout

In the world of online shopping, it’s hard to get that good ol’ mom-and-pop shop experience anymore. So how do successful online shops manage to convey their trustworthiness? Trusted Shops has the right solutions to help you increase your conversion rate.

If these cookie-cutter websites all look professional nowadays, how can we tell if they’re trustworthy?

The Trusted Shops trustmark is the most recognised seal of approval in Europe. Not every shop qualifies for the renowned trustmark. Online shops that apply for the trustmark are checked for compliance with the Trusted Shops quality criteria. Only then can they display it on their website.


How does the European seal of approval affect the conversion rate?

By now you know that the Trusted Shops Trustmark is a reliable auditing authority. By giving customers peace of mind while shopping, they end up browsing certified shops longer on average, while abandoned cart rates decrease. Not only do customers know that your shop is legally compliant and that you’re a reliable seller, but they know that their data is safe.


85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal1, online shoppers are increasingly relying on each other for advice, recommendations and even warnings. That's where the power of social proof comes in.

The Trustbadge highlights your trustworthiness by displaying some of your best reviews with a simple click. Give your customers the best first impression, without them having to leave your website to get it.


Support purchase-ready customers with product reviews

Present product reviews as well as photos directly on your product pages. This valuable customer feedback can help you decide which products to continue selling and promoting and also which products should be removed from your site. With an optimised product line, you’’ll be sure to receive more high-ratings, boosting your shop’s reputation even more. By displaying your product reviews openly, buyers will have more realistic expectations about the products and your return rates will surely go down as well.

To make displaying your reviews easy, we’ll provide you with API access as well as customisable “Review stickers” for your product detail pages.


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How does Trusted Shops help with international sales? How much will the right package cost you? What will these individual features do for your shop specifically?

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Conversions start with your advertising

Of course, your shop must be trustworthy in order for visitors to shop with you - but that also applies to your advertising. Open the funnel as big as possible for your target group so that as many visitors as possible land in your shop. Make the most out of your advertising investment.

Google, social media and portals

Trusted Shops compresses trustworthiness in your advertising to just a few pixels - for the trustmark or your star-ratings. This leaves more space for your offer. Between these trust-indicators, your shop will become a click-magnet when discovered through Google and Co.

Google   YouTube


From classic ads to digital banners

Use the Trusted Shops seal of approval (aka the trustmark) that you’ve earned to promote your business in all forms of media - we’ll gladly provide with the necessary files and data. You can even show off your star-ratings, provided you follow a few legal rules. Want to stay on the safe side? Get tips from our blog and check out our advertising package.

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Improve your checkout for higher conversion rates

The shopping cart’s full. It inches towards the register and suddenly stops short right before checking out. As an online shop owner, you surely know this situation and perhaps your analytics data even supports it.

Read about the solutions in our white­pa­per

Fast and easy integration: That’s how Trusted Shops works for your shop.

You can integrate the Trusted Shops Trustmark with the 30-day Buyer Protection into many e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks. Our Trustbadge® makes it possible!

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