What Can You Do with the Trusted Shops Free Trial?

  • Collect customer reviews and product reviews automatically
  • Display up to 10 reviews directly on your website
  • Manage reviews with an easy to use mobile app
  • Display your reviews automatically on your Facebook page
  • Send review requests to all existing customers
  • Get your free review profile on Trusted Shops
  • Share your reviews with Google automatically for SEO
  • Enjoy improved online trust and better conversion rates

Over 30,000 Websites Worldwide Collect Customer Reviews with Trusted Shops

Show Reviews Seamlessly Across Devices

Trusted Shops reviews show up effortlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices with ease. We ensure that the reviews are non-intrusive yet still prominent.

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Get all of your customer reviews in one place so that you can respond quickly and efficiently. Build trust online with ease.

Globally Accessible

Trusted Shops works across languages and continents. Make it easy for your global customers to be able to leave you great reviews now.

Highly Customisable

Choose the position and style of your Trustbadge® to show your reviews exactly where you want your customers to see them.

Automatic Review Collection

Our review request emails have been rigorously tested to give you the highest purchase-to-review conversion rate. With our automated technology, you could collect 75% more reviews

Easy Integration

Trusted Shops has built modules for CMS systems like Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce and many more. Just search for us in the App Store.

High Performance

Good response times are essential for your users and your SEO. Trustbadge® is hosted by industry-leading CDN providers and hence guarantees the highest performance levels. 

Boost Your SEO

Your reviews are optimised for Google, thus making it easy for search engines to discover new content on your website effortlessly.

Show Real Reviews to Searchers

Trusted Shops profiles rank within the top 3 searches for your brand review searches. Showcase your amazing star ratings and get more traffic with your Trusted Shops profile.

Up to 12.5% More Conversions

Some of our customers receive over a 12.5% conversion uplift by simply integrating Trusted Shops and displaying reviews properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay?

The trial version of Trusted Shops is completely free. Once you have used the free trial to its full extent, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan. We offer one of the best and most affordable packages for our quality.

Where can I position the Trustbadge Widget on the website?

The Trustbadge on your website can be easily repositioned. You can see all the options available within your dashboard.

How do reviews help me be better at SEO?

Reviews count as "user-generated content" on your website. Getting new content on a regular basis makes Google crawl your website a lot more. Moreover, increased crawler activity helps you improve rankings naturally. 

Trusted Shops is a Google Reviews partner. This means that the reviews collected with Trusted Shops are used by Google in search listings. You can also use the star ratings in PPC ads.

Who are we?

Trusted Shops has been the market leader in Europe for trust services for over 15 years. Based in Cologne, Germany, Trusted Shops is a strong technical organisation dedicated to improving online review collection worldwide. Our strong team of 300 people ensures that we deliver a product that provides you with the best technical solutions to build online trust for your business. 


How do I integrate Trusted Shops?

Sign up using the form above. We will guide you through the simple installation. Integration is easier if you use a popular content management system. You can see more details here.

How does the Trustbadge® look on mobile devices?
Our technology is cross-device compatible. This means that your reviews are perfectly displayed on mobile and tablet devices as well.
How fast can I collect reviews?

You can start collecting and displaying reviews immediately after integration is done. Simply use the Review Collector to send review invitations to your existing customers and watch your reviews start flowing in. Your dashboard will help you navigate and learn the tools as you go.

Does it work for all websites?

YES, it does! 

For e-commerce websites, the Trustbadge can collect reviews completely automatically. For all other websites reviews can be collected via the Review Collector.


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