blogtitle_Sept_Update.jpgAs an online retailer, you know best who your customers are and the most effective way of addressing them. That’s why you can now write your own texts in your review e-mails in My Trusted Shops. In September, we also released the Net Recommendation Score enabling you to measure how likely it is that your customers recommend you to others.

Customised review e-mails are especially important because they help you differentiate your business from the competition and address your customers in the perfect way. You can adapt the text and the layout of your e-mails to your online presence to offer users a consistent customer journey from the first visit to the moment they submit a review.

With a few clicks, you can customise the review e-mails Trusted Shops sends your customers via the Trustbadge® without technical effort from your My Trusted Shops account.

You can now set the following options to customise your review e-mails:

  • Create your own texts for the subject and content of the e-mail and the review button
  • Upload the logo of your shop
  • Select the colours of the review button

You can see the changes in a preview before confirming them. Of course, all changes to the review e-mail are optional. If you don’t make any changes, you’ll just keep on sending the Trusted Shops version, which has been optimised thanks to a series of tests.

You can change your settings in your My Trusted Shops account at ‘Reviews – Settings – Collecting reviews’.

Effectively measure recommendations

In addition to collecting star ratings and customer reviews, you can now use the Net Recommendation Score for your internal analysis. This feature enables you to ask your customers in the review form how likely they are to recommend your shop to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 to 10.


Measure your Net Recommendation Score in three steps:

  1. Activate the function ‘Net Recommendation Score’ in your My Trusted Shops account at ‘Reviews – Settings – Collecting reviews’.
  2. In addition to the star ratings and the comment field, your review form will also contain the question of whether your customers would recommend your shop to a friend or colleague. The likelihood is expressed on a scale of 0 (‘very unlikely’) to 10 (‘very likely’).
  3. You can view your shop’s Net Recommendation Score in your My Trusted Shops account at ‘Reviews – Shop reviews – Total rating’.

Take the opportunity to easily measure how likely it is that your customers recommend your shop to a friend. This won’t be published anywhere – it’s a feature for your internal analysis.

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback on the features described, please write to

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