Why Should Your E-Commerce Website Have a Blog?

30.12.2016, 2m


At this point you are probably tired of blogs. Yes, everyone seems to have one these days. Many of the fade into obscurity even when they started with so much success and potential. 

Your blog is a powerful asset and it can help boost your e-commerce shop in big ways. If you don’t have one, you are making a mistake. 

There’s a lot of competition for attention in the online marketplace. Even successful websites take a relatively small share. How much do you get for your business? The average person can shout their views from the digital rooftop with social media. Online forums will spend days, months, even years finding every tiny thing that’s wrong with even the most mundane products.  Your competition only needs to surf the web to get some great market research. 

Don’t let these things frighten you. Yes, the Internet has a say about how your brand is seen by the world. If you have an active blog, it’s easier to regain some of that control. That’s why the most successful e-commerce stores do have regularly updated blogs.

What Can Your Blog Do? 

  • Blogs are high value. It’s not cheap to run a good blog by any means. They take a sizable chunk of your time, money, or a combination of both. No, they are not cheap. However, blogs give a high ROI and that makes them a sensible investment. Compared to other marketing methods, you can’t afford to not have a blog.
  • Drive traffic to your site. If getting traffic to your e-commerce shop isn’t a top goal—it should be. Blogs are a perfect way to do this. They not only improve your organic traffic, but people will hopefully share your posts in other places. Think about that link-juice you’re currently missing out on.
  • Tell people your core values. Share your brand’s story through your blog. If you don’t do the telling, someone else is going to do it. A blog is a neutral place where you can take care of fast damage control.
  • Trust, trust, trust. If you want people to hand over their money, they must first trust you. People want a personal connection these days, even if it’s relatively shallow. An e-commerce blog can add a warm touch to an otherwise cold and impersonal online shop.
  • Sets you up as an authority. Consider someone who others look to for guidance and new ways of thinking. These “thought leaders” typically have their own blogs. They don’t just have them either; they actively maintain them.
  • SEO boost. Many people use blog content to keep their website active. If your e-commerce site looks rather static, maintaining an active blog can bring it to life. With regular updates—think daily content posts—search engines like Google will see that you have an active website. Their crawlers will visit more frequently, and it should give you an SEO advantage. Forget about spamming keywords. In this day-and-age, content is king.

Start Your Blog Now

A blog is not a set-it-and-forget-it thing; even if you have the cash to hire people to take care of yours. Don’t expect your blog to start bringing in tonnes of extra daily hits right away either. It takes time to grow a blog. That’s why you need to start as soon as possible. I’ve outlined why the best e-commerce websites have blogs. The next step is yours to take.


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