UK's Top 10 Popular Toys for Christmas 2016

24.11.2016, 3m

As an online retailer, Christmas is likely to be your biggest earning time of the year. If you want to guarantee sales, toys are a great bet. Why? Kids want toys as holiday gifts, and parents want to make their little ones happy. And the figures from previous years don't lie. In fact, spending in the UK is expected to rocket to £1.1 billion before the big day arrives this year.

Following is a list of the ten toys that we believe will sell the most for 2016 Christmas. These are not in any specific order. However, the first list item is likely to be the hottest seller.

2016 Top Toys Predictions

  • Hatchimal:This is being toted as the number one toy by several experts. It's a fuzzy little creature that comes out of an egg. It picks up with the whole virtual pet craze, adding a more hands-on element, and runs with that. Hatchimal owners need to take care of their pet, feeding and encouraging development. There is a digital element, with good pet owners being given new levels and games to be accessed on a computer. This one is already selling out in stores. People are resorting to exorbitant prices from eBay sellers who are looking to take advantage or shortages.

  • Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge: Here's a play set made by Fisher-Price, featuring the always popular Thomas. It comes with moving flags, a barrel of cargo, Harold the helicopter, a cargo hopper, and much more.

  • Selfiemic: This one is a selfie stick for a smartphone or smaller tablet, with a microphone and headphones attached near the handle. It allows kids to create music videos , whether alone or with friends.

  • Silly Sausage: This toy most looks like a saveloy from a fish and chip shop, with eyes, a nose, and a big smile. It has ten games built in, where the players must twist, stretch, shake, poke, or dip the sausage as required in order to win.

  • Speak Out: This is another game, in which players much attempt to articulate different phrases, with a special mouth piece that stops them from closing their mouths. It's safe to assume that this one will provide hours of silly, family fun for a range of ages.

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire: This is the classic fun of Nerf, taken to the extreme. It has a drum that can hold 25 foam darts. The motor inside allows it to shoot five per second. Any kid who receives this is sure to be a prime competitor in Nerf wars with their friends.

  • Lego Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter: Lego is always a big hit, and with the revamping of the Star Wars franchise, you can bet that this item is going to sell fast. The U-Wing Fighter comes with five popular minifigs, and actually fires plastic "laser" shots.

  • Lego Friend Amusement Park Roller Coaster: Here's another Lego item, and this one comes with a complete theme park set. In addition to the roller coaster, there's a Ferris wheel, a dropping tower ride, and the Lego Friends minifigs.

  • The Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen: This is a kitchen play set that is compatible with Shopkins toys. Any kid who knows Shopkins will understand how it goes.

  • Snuggles My Dream Puppy: Children who are not old enough to have their very old pet will love Snuggles. It's a great alternative for parents who either can't have a pet where they live, or feel that their child isn't ready for the big step yet. It moves in a realistic way, has a feeding bottle, and has a special certificate of adoption include.

Trends in 2016 Christmas Toys

This will be the first holiday season ever, where more than 400 million toys are sold in the UK. There are unprecedented choices, and you need to be ahead of the pack to cash in on all that parental spending. That's according to Frederique Tutt, who is the worldwide toy analyst at NPD, a consulting agency in France.

Toy industry experts are predicting that parents are looking for wholesome, engaging toys for their kids. They want something that can be enjoyed in groups, and by the whole family. Even when digital devices are involved in the fun, they are used in ways that encourage interaction with those around the player.

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