TV Advertising: the Perfect Addition to the Marketing Mix for Your Online Shop

16.06.2016, 1m

TV advertising Trusted Shops

Extensive coverage for a select audience: moving images continue to move people. This also applies to TV advertising – not least because this type of advertising is still one of the most attention-grabbing forms among the wide range of marketing activities. For all the streaming and video-on-demand services that are now available, German consumers spend an average of 3.5 hours a day in front of the TV.This is equally beneficial to those who use this channel to present themselves to a wide audience.

Boost online presence on TV

Very few online shops have the same budget as the big players, who can place their adverts on the most relevant channels at peak viewing times. However, a large number of medium-sized e-commerce companies are also using the opportunity to boost their online presence with TV adverts, which are financed, for example, by “media for equity” models. Then again, others place their adverts on special interest or niche channels that charge much lower advertising fees when compared with the main channels.

The image of the company’s brand, the most relevant messages and, last but not least, the latest offers: all of this can be conveyed much more quickly with moving images and suitable background music than with merely a banner or search engine advertising. Those who skilfully create their own brand identity will remain longer in the consumer’s memory – and this has a demonstrable impact on the number of visitors to the shop.

Trusted Shops supports TV advertising

If you place TV adverts with a gross media volume of at least £200,000, Trusted Shops will pay you a bonus of £1,500. What do you have to do? Simply display our trustmark at the end of the advert – this will demonstrate your trustworthiness to a wide audience.

The requirements:

  • Integration of the Trusted Shops logo into a TV advert and approval of the trustmark integration by Trusted Shops before the advert is broadcast
  • Registration for participation by 30/06/2016 at the latest
  • The gross media volume of the adverts must be at least £200,000.

By the way, you can find a list of online shops that have already benefited from our TV bonus here.

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