Top Things that Will Gain Popularity in Online Marketing in 2017

31.01.2017, 2m


Now that the new year is in full swing, it's time for us to take a look at trends and digital marketing strategies for 2017. Many lessons have been learned from the previous year, and they can help to show what is most likely to work for your business this year.

1. Artificial Intelligence for the New Age

This is set to be the year when AI finally starts to help marketers and business owners in meaningful ways. You can expect to see its use in tools that help users find their way through complex systems. As the digital world gets more complicated, AI will be increasingly used to aid humans.

2. Brand Revolution Will Bring New Products

Customers have been given a roll in marketing and development that was unheard of not so long ago. This is thanks to social media and the visibility that it allows everyday consumers to have to companies. This "brand revolution" has already started. In 2017, competitive brands should expect to focus even more on what their consumer base has to tell them.

3. Faster Demands from the New Generations

The younger generation has grown with ready access to online information and products. They will increasingly expect "instant" satisfaction from their choice of platforms. You must remember that this is a generation who sees getting things now as the standard—where businesses are expected to begin and grow from somehow. We have already seen a big rise in online mediums that provide instant interaction and gratification. Expect to see several more of these make it big  in 2017, which will feature faster, more visual, and more spontaneous methods for socializing online.

4. Shoppers Use Mobile Devices More

More and more people are making purchases from their mobile devices while on the go. Smart phones and tablets are taking over the market, when compared to laptops and desktop computers. You can expect mobile devices to become a bigger part of the shopping experience, even when people go to brick and mortar stores. Smartphones are used to check prices, look up reviews, and find curated advice regarding the best products to check out. These trends will increase in the coming year.

5. Trusted Peers to Help Reduce Information Overload

The human race has never had access to such a vast and readily available amount of information. People certainly don't have any problem accessing what they need to now— but sifting through all the information they don't need is the real struggle. Where do many people look when they need to work out what to read and watch? Peer curation is a trusted source of information for many people. You can expect that consumers will not only be looking for curated publications, such as blogs and newsletters. They will also seek out experts in niches of interest.

6. Niche Expert Groups Will Grow and Diversify

There have never been more advice shared between expert peers. Any shopper who is looking for information about a product or service will have no trouble finding a well regarded peer to help them. Different groups are likely to diversify, leading to more specialists in various niches. As these categories of peer experts do take on more specific niches, they will also become bigger and better.

7. Invasive Marketing Will Turn More Consumers Away

It started in the early days of the Internet, when the first popups advertisements and email spam campaigns showed up. Consumers are expected to become even more bitter about the use of intrusive marketing techniques in the online world. The days when cheap tricks and black-to-gray hat methods would yield results are quickly vanishing. Your best bet is to show respect to the personal privacy and intelligence of your potential consumers, instead of trying to force your marketing material onto them.

8. Influencers on the Rise

Influencers will be viewed as a more integral part of marketing campaigns. Their value has been realized for some time, but accurately measuring just how useful influencers are has been particularly difficult. This has made many brands hesitant to hand over freedom and control to influencers. However, you should expect this to start changing in 2017. Big influencers will be given the reigns over how they work with brands, and the results should often be spectacular.

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