The Newly Designed Trustbadge is Even More Intuitive

11.09.2017, 2m


As a retailer with the Trustbadge®, you can display your reviews and the trustmark on your website once your audit has been successfully completed. To help consumers understand the information in the Trustbadge more easily, we have redesigned the three options for the release on 14/09/2017.

Transparency for the consumers and retailers is always a key factor for us when developing products. We have recently received feedback from consumers that they are not able to determine from the Trustbadge whether a shop only collects reviews or also has the trustmark. The aim for the new layouts was to create a clearer presentation.

  1. Trustbadge with customer reviews

 Johannes 1.png

This option is displayed on the bottom-right in your online shop. It is always visible to the customers, regardless of which page they are currently on. This version is for shops that only collect reviews through Trusted Shops but have not been audited. It has a more compact design.


This new version displays the text "Customer reviews" so that consumers can immediately see that the Trustbadge leads to reviews provided by other buyers.


  1. Trustbadge with customer reviews and trustmark

Once a shop has successfully passed the audit, it is allowed to display the Trusted Shops trustmark. This appears in the Trustbadge in addition to the overall rating from the customer reviews.

Johannes 2.png

This new version displays the text "Certified shop". Consumers now know immediately that the shop collects reviews and is also certified.

  1. Trustbadge version "custom_reviews" with customer reviews

The custom version of the Trustbadge can be freely positioned on your website and does not have to be displayed on the bottom-right in your online shop. In contrast to the versions described above, it has a horizontal shape. It is ideal for using in the header on the page.

Johannes 3.png

This new version displays the text "Customer reviews" and the Trusted Shops logo is in a different position. It is therefore more clear that this shop only collects reviews through Trusted Shops.

You do not have to do anything to obtain the new layouts, the changes will be made automatically on the release date on 14/09/2017.

You can find the information you require on Trustbadge integration.

If you still have any questions regarding integration of the Trustbadge, please contact us at