Putting Trust at the Centre: the New Look of the Mobile-Optimised Version of the Trustbadge

23.12.2016, 2m

The mobile-optimised version of the Trustbadge® is now available in a centred variant containing all the trust elements of your online shop. You’ll thus cut a fine figure on every screen! Moreover, we released in the past few weeks a new version of the Review Sticker enabling you to display customer reviews as quotations prominently on your page.

The Trustbadge contains the most important elements inspiring trust in your customers, namely the trustmark, customer reviews, the overall rating and the Trusted Shops guarantee. A mobile-optimised Trustbadge must be displayed perfectly on all devices irrespectively of screen size. Following an extensive testing phase, we have now found the best variant.


The new version of the mobile-optimised Trustbadge provides you with a clear overview of all the trust elements of your online shop. Just click on the grey area or scroll down the page for the full-screen Trustbadge to disappear. Your website will thus remain in focus. Integrate the Trustbadge in your online shop now to boost trust on all devices.

The new version of the mobile Trustbadge is available not only to responsive shops but also if you have a native shop app on iOS.  

Keep customers in your store with the Trustbadge

Customers wishing to sign up for a review reminder or to activate a guarantee after check-out will no longer be redirected to a new browser window. They will thus remain on your website where they can continue to browse, even after check-out.

Customer stays in TB EN.gif

The prerequisite for customers being able to activate the guarantee directly from the Trustbadge is the complete transfer of the ordering data. This happens automatically if the Trustbadge has been correctly integrated.

The new version of the Review Sticker gives your online customers a voice

The Review Sticker enables you to display reviews in a customised design directly on your website. The new version of the Review Sticker has a simple layout enabling you to position individual customer reviews prominently in the sidebar of your online shop. That’s how you inspire trust at first sight.

3-1.pngWith the Review Sticker, you can publish up to ten reviews that will be displayed as quotations. No reference is here made to the overall rating. It takes just one click on the number of reviews for your customers to get to your review profile where all customer reviews are shown together with the overall rating.

To use the new variant, please enter the parameter “vertical_v2” in the “variant” field of the Review Sticker code.  In the default settings, the Review Sticker looks like the example above. But you can also customise the settings to change the colour and the size of the Review Sticker and choose the number of reviews you wish to display.

The My Trusted Shops app: read and copy text messages

With your My Trusted Shops app, you can see and manage all your reviews. You also receive the latest blog articles written by our e-commerce experts.

Moreover, we have added a new copy function to the iOS app for you to be able to copy texts in a cache. You can thus copy the text of a review and send it per text message to a colleague who is in direct contact with the customer. You just need to press and hold the text you wish to copy for the “copy” option to appear in a small window.

Do you have any questions or recommendations? Do not hesitate to contact us at productfeedback@trustedshops.com.

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