Mother’s Day Marketing Tips for Early and Last-Minute Buyers


Well, Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us once again. Whether you and mum get along or not, if you run a business, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to make some sales. Don’t believe me? Well, my mum didn’t raise no liar! The proof is in the stats:

According to MuchNeeded,  60% of Brits spent money for Mother’s Day in 2018. I think it's safe to assume that the other 40% either hate their mums or made a macaroni picture frame for free.

All kidding aside, 60% is a really high number! It’s estimated that Britons spent over a billion pounds (£1.4 billion!) on Mother’s Day gifts in 2019. On top of that, the average spend per Mother's Day shopper will be around £58.

As a business owner, you most definitely want a piece of that action. Here are some tips to market your shop leading up to Mother’s Day.

“Mother-up” your Marketing

You, as a retailer, are expected to remember Mother’s Day before any of your customers. In other words, you should be marketing this holiday early enough that it actually reminds your customers that the holiday is coming up.

You can do this in a number of ways. You could redecorate your homepage with a floral motif, for example. Likewise, you could do something similar in your newsletter or advertising. How subtle you want to be is up to you, but something should remind your customers that they need to stay ahead of the game.

Going along with the Mother’s Day motif, you might want to make a Mother’s Day gift guide. Figuring out how to categorize your mums in the context of your products could be helpful. Is mother-dearest a chocolate lover, or a travel-mum? Is she a music-collector or a bookworm? Remember that mums can fit into niches as well. Sometimes, displaying each of these categories helps your customers decide what the perfect gift would be.

Coupons and Pro-MUM-tions

To go along with your email campaign, offer up some coupons or promote a sale in your marketing campaigns. It’s a big holiday. Dads, this next stat is going to sting a bit: only £360 million were spent by Britons on Father’s Day in 2015, compared to £510 million on mums. You can expect similar (but slightly higher) numbers for 2019 - and dad's will still get the short end of the stick!

In theory, whatever you might lose in discounts you’ll make up for in volume sales. Discounts and coupons are a great way to get shoppers to make purchases on your site.

Reach out to those shoppers with multiple mums in their lives

Keep in mind that your shoppers might be more than just sons and daughters. Check out these stats: Men spent on average £12.18 more than women on Mother’s Day. Men generally spent about £41.15 while women spent about £28.97. Unfortunately for me, that’s not the whole story, so here’s the rest of the stat: 62% of women bought presents while only 57% of men did.

It’s difficult to say exactly, but one factor into why men spend more is that men are often buying presents for their mother and their wives (and mother-in-laws too - insert joke here), so this might explain why men are spending more than women.

The point is that shoppers aren’t only sons and daughters, but perhaps, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, nieces, friends or grandchildren. Keeping this in mind could help your strategy when choosing products to sell and when creating marketing materials.

Be ready for last-minute mother-lovers

We all love our mums, right? But, let’s be honest. Some of us are shopping for them at the last minute. About 24% of men who bought gifts for Mother’s Day bought things impulsively. About 18% of women did this. 

However, being prepared for the last-minute rush of purchases is only half the battle, so prepare your marketing budget appropriately and leave some money in your budget for that last week. During those last few days, you might want to switch from subtly reminding them about Mother's Day to obvious reminders.

Though it may be hard to deliver physical gifts at the last minute, consider promoting gift-cards to your last-minute buyers. If you do offer fast shipping options, make sure to highlight this on your page. 


There you have it- A few quick tips on promoting to those people who love all the special mums in their lives. If you get in the minds of your customers early (and late), Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity for your online shop! Just don’t forget the flowers for your own mum!

Updated: 18. March, 2019

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