Monthly Recap Nov. 2018: A Very Mobile Christmas

The holidays are coming, so you’re most likely busy preparing for the holidays. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories in UK e-commerce for November 2018.


Mobile Shopping up 44% this Christmas

It seems that retailers are getting on board with the mobile-first strategies being pushed for the last couple of years. According to Ve Global, the proportion of UK shoppers making online purchases through their mobiles in the pre-Christmas period is up 44%!

On top of that mobile browsing is also up 6% - making it the dominant channel for internet browsing in the UK (53%). Mirroring this, bounce rates are also down by 10%. How mobile ready is your website?

£1 in every £25 of total online retail spend is carried out on trains

Speaking of mobile shopping, research conducted by KBH On-Train Media and Retail Economics shows that UK shoppers like to spend their commute browsing and shopping online. Last year, rail commuters bought £2.6 billion worth of goods while riding the train, which is expected to almost double by 2022 (£4.6 billion).

The research revealed that multiple factors contributed to this sharp uptick. For example, the increased Wi-Fi connectivity on trains, the popularity of smartphones, and the feelings during commuting (it is seen as a “me-time” (26%)). Other reasons why people shop online on the train included convenience (25%), boredom (17%), don’t feel time pressured (13%), and enjoy browsing for products on the train (11%).

Do you shop during your commute? Why do you do it?

Emergevest creates a new logistics company

The Hong Kong-based investor Emergevest, who spent £400m acquiring six British businesses in the past few years is creating EV Cargo, a logistics company.

EV Cargo is set to be the largest privately-owned logistics company in the UK. They will operate in four segments: express delivery, global forwarding, logistics, and technology.

They predict that they’ll be a £1bn a year business within 5 years, while operating with over 5,000 employees, almost 200 operation centres and 9m square feet of warehouses.

Some of their major clients include Asda, Sainsbury’s, Next, and Marks & Spencer.

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