Monthly Recap July 2018: Summer Slumber Shopping

31.07.2018, 2m

Well, July is just about done. Hopefully, you’re reading this blog in a cool, air-conditioned office or with a fan blowing directly in your face. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world of UK e-commerce!


71% of UK consumers say they are happiest online when they are shopping

Good news for online marketers and e-commerce retailers across the UK. Research conducted by Rokt looked into the emotions involved with certain online activities, the distraction levels that occur during these activities, and how  receptive they are to engaging with brands after the point of purchase.

After surveying over 4,000 consumers worldwide, 71% of UK respondents claimed  to be happiest online while shopping.

Here are some of the key findings from the report, entitled “The Happiest Place in Digital”:

  • UK consumers are five times more likely to be at their happiest when completing an online purchase than watching videos or connecting with friends on social platforms.

  • When it comes to distractions, consumers are 28% less likely to multitask or multi-screen when completing a purchase than when they are using social media.

  • Across more than a billion transactions, more than a third opted into an offer from another brand - proving that engagement and focus are highest when shopping online

  • 36% of respondents feel productive after completing a purchase compared to 11% when using social media.

  • 58% of respondents were multitasking when using social media, compared to 53% when researching online purchases and 42% when completing a purchase.

  • Once completing a purchase, 28% of users are open to offers from the same brand, 26% express interest in signing up for a loyalty programme, and 13% want to receive offers from new and undiscovered brands

This research shows you that offering complementary products to your customers after purchase can be a great idea.

Perhaps more importantly, people should probably let their partners shop online in peace if they want to keep them happy!

Customer engagement whitepaper

51% of UK consumers prefer shopping online

This can’t be too big of a shock to brick-and-mortar shop owners, but it seems that the majority (51%) of the 3,000 UK consumers who were surveyed prefer to shop online.  

The research also showed that UK consumers (55%) are shopping more online this year compared to last year.

If you’re a small business owner selling unique products, have you invested time and money into having a fully functioning, enjoyable website?

Summer slump or summer slumber shopping?

The summer of 2018 was a hot one in Europe. Usually, that means there is a summer slump for most businesses. However, this year, it’s so hot that it might actually be a good thing for online retailers.  

Research from the Trade Desk revealed that overnight internet traffic shot up by 19% during last year’s heatwave when compared to the average traffic four weeks earlier.

Those numbers were much bigger when looking at the bigger cities across the UK. London saw a huge amount of internet traffic with an increase of 49%! The other cities following behind were Manchester (44%), Sheffield (32%), and Nottingham (28%).

Education- and career-based brands saw the biggest impact from the heatwave. The audiences for those verticals increased by 88% and 95%!

Considering the temperatures we’ve seen (and felt) this year, online marketers should consider bidding on those late night ads! Have you seen any success with late night traffic to your website?


So what have we learned today? Well, it’s very apparent that UK shoppers love shopping online. The dog days of summer may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t open to completing purchases online and ready to listen to your offers, especially in the big cities.

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