MMA MATS Sees a 27% Increase in Revenue with Trusted Shops

26.07.2018, 1m

MMA MATS, a leader and supplier of world-class martial arts jigsaw mats, has been a Trusted Shops member since June 2014.


"After implementation, we saw a 14% increase in the number of orders and a 15% increase in the average order value, equating to a 27% increase in total revenue."

-Walker Brierley, Director

MMA Mats has been in involved in the mixed martial arts business for over 12 years, producing high quality mats for beginners and experts alike. MMA Mats has proudly worked together with the World Taekwondo Federation, the World Ju-Jitsu Federation, the World Karate Federation, and many more international organisations.

Integrating the Trustbadge into their website has given MMA Mats insights into the customer experience as well as increases in the quantity and quality of their online sales. And customer trust and satisfaction can be seen by looking at their overall rating: a 4.84/5 (as of July, 2018).

“Customer confidence is key to us. We're proud to display the Trustbadge® as a strong indication of our growing reputation.”

-Walker Brierley, Director

With so many tools to help businesses build trust with shoppers, MMA Mats (along with their other websites) chose to work with shop reviews, the trustmark, and the money-back guarantee, which are all easily accessible by simply clicking on the Trustbadge sitting at the bottom of every page of their website.

The shop reviews collected by MMA help them not only build trust, but also rank higher in search engines as Google sees reviews as fresh content on a website, thus ranking them higher as a relevant business.

The trustmark is the seal of approval for MMA Mats. Having passed the Trusted Shops audit means that their website follows industry best standards and increases trust even more.

The money-back guarantee is another effective trust-building tool. Customers see the guarantee and know that no matter what, someone will take care of them if something goes wrong with their order.

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