Looking through the Eyes of a Shopper

Shopping can be an overwhelming visual experience.

As soon as they walk into a store, shoppers are greeted with an overwhelming array of colors, shapes, and words, often arranged purposefully to make them feel a certain way, move in a certain direction, or direct their attention to a particular area.

And shopping online is not much different.

While the experience may be limited to the inside of a particular screen or window, online shoppers are similarly accosted with advertisements, pop-ups, drop-downs, sidebars, and other visual eye-candy that seem to jump out from all directions.

For the shopper, it can feel like a nightmare. For the marketer, it feels like an opportunity.

In both physical and virtual shopping establishments, the ability to catch the consumer’s eye and prompt them to look where you want them to look would be incredibly valuable. It’s what every marketer strives for, but what very few achieve.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to actually measure where the consumer looks? Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether the consumer’s eyes go where you want them to go?

This is the type of service that eye tracking can provide. Using lightweight, portable, unobtrusive technology, today’s marketers can get a live look into where the consumer is directing their attention.

With iMotions, you can even correlate this eye tracking data with other forms of biomonitoring including facial expression recognition, brain electrical activity (EEG), and other markers of physiological arousal. This means that you can get a view not only into where the consumer is looking, but also into how they are feeling when they look there.

Once marketers understand where consumers are looking, not only can they start aggregating real data as to the effectiveness of their advertising, but they also have an opportunity to utilize that data in order to make the shopping experience a little less overwhelming and a little more enjoyable for shoppers everywhere.

It looks like you need to start looking into eye tracking!

See below for an infographic provided by our friends at iMotions with basic information about the eye, eye tracking technologies, and how to perform quality eye tracking research.