Lifelab Testing Sees Boost in Traffic and Engagement with Trusted Shops

Lifelab testing hasn't been a Trusted Shops member for long (April, 2018), but has already noticed an increase in traffic since signing up with Trusted Shops.


“Adding Trusted Shops has been a major turning point for our business as it gives people the confidence in our products and brand as they can quickly see real and honest reviews.”

-Cris West, Associate Director of Operations

With over 15 years of experience, Lifelab Testing has a wealth of knowledge in the field of allergy and intolerance testing. They offer products like their home-testing kits, and services that include a nutritionist follow-up and have already tested over 20 million items with 99.8% accuracy.

Despite these impressive numbers, Lifelab Testing was looking for a way to boost trust among their online shop’s visitors. Enter Trusted Shops. By providing a closed review system for Lifelab Testing, verified users could share their reviews and provide valuable feedback with both the company and fellow shoppers, thus building trust for the brand.

“When people search for our brand, the Trusted Shops reviews come up front and centre and we’ve definitely seen more people click on the Lifelab Testing website.”

- Cris West, Associate Director of Operations

Trusted Shops offers their clients a wide range of tools and products to help their clients increase traffic, boost sales, and build trust. Lifelab Testing decided to go with Trusted Shops’ reviews platform in order to learn from their customers, share their feedback, and build trust with potential customers.

When looking for objective feedback, many shoppers head straight to a company’s reviews before completing a purchase. If they can't be found easily on their website, users will often search for them elsewhere online. With Trusted Shops, the shop's rating is prominently displayed in the Trustbadge®, which remains on your website throughout the customer journey, providing more details with a single click.

Besides the obvious benefits of social proof and customer feedback, reviews offer valuable SEO advantages as they provide your website with fresh content (which Google loves!) full of the keywords most important to your shop. Help your business win over shoppers’ trust by showing off your best qualities - great products and outstanding service.

Case study on Soletrader and Trusted Shops

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