How to Collect More Product Reviews


By now, you should already know how important it is to get product reviews for your shop. Besides getting Google to show your stars, the more product reviews you have, the more trust customers will have in you. However, you might be wondering how to motivate your customers to actually leave their feedback for you? Before we look at that, let’s look at some of the reasons why you want more product reviews in the first place.

Benefits of more product reviews

More traffic! That’s enough of a reason to get those reviews, isn’t it? Though the reviews won’t be read until someone visits you, Google actually considers these reviews as content. That means that Google sees your site as one that continuously adds content to their site, thus helping your business rank higher in search results. That’s why “new” reviews should always be welcome.

On top of that, more reviews = more conversions. With more traffic coming to your site, people will now actually read the reviews. If your business does a good job, your reviews will reflect that. And interestingly enough, more than 72% of online shoppers will read reviews before making a purchase. New reviews means customers are happy with your products. Download our free whitepaper (see below) to read more about the benefits of collecting reviews.

Reach for the stars

Okay, that heading is a bit misleading. You’ll actually want to reach out to your customers (okay, some of those customers are little stars, aren’t they?). All kidding aside, unless you have such an amazing product at such a great price, customers probably won’t go out of their way to write you a review… unless you ask. There are a number of ways you can ask them, but the important thing is to actually ask them. Whether it’s a postcard or an email, just go out and ask them for the favor!

Rewarding your customers for their reviews

This can be a bit tricky! The law states that you can’t offer incentives for positive reviews, but that you can indeed offer something for a review. You just can’t specify whether they have to be good or bad. You will also have to label those reviews as having been rewarded. Check out the whitepaper for more details.


Feedback from your customers can be valuable for so many reasons. Besides helping you improve your products and services, you’re getting free, user-generated content.

Read more about how to get those customers to give you a piece of their mind by downloading our free whitepaper below.5 ways to generate more product reviews