How Do English Shoppers Spend Their Money Online?

14.05.2018, 2m

The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving. “Change” is the name of the game in the world of digital shopping. Picodi, the coupon-code website that operates in 32 countries, has released their findings after analysing several million UK online transactions in 2017 (with a particular interest in English shoppers). Picodi examined topics such as device usage and popular months for e-shopping, what time of day the English shop and more. Let’s take a look at some of their findings.

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The shift to mobile is official


It’s 2018. No one can be too surprised that consumers are shifting their digital (shopping) habits to smartphones. Heck, if you’ve been on a bus or the tube just once in the last 5 years, this statistic shouldn’t be too shocking.

What surprised me about this graphic was the third column - the average order value (AOV). The difference in the numbers between these three devices is definitely noteworthy. There is a definite hierarchy here that should be paid attention to and your website design should reflect this.

It’s something we here at Trusted Shops have been preaching for years now: Make sure your website design is mobile responsive! I’m sorry for yelling, but it’s a known fact that if your website doesn’t look good (or if it's not easy to navigate) on mobile devices, people are a lot less likely to complete their purchases.

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Friday should be your favourite day


To be honest, I have a feeling Friday is in your top 3 already. If you’re a business owner or online marketer, you should now be twice as excited about Fridays! Why? Shoppers in England do their most online shopping on Fridays.

Of course, this can vary for every business. The point is clear though: there is one day of the week that performs best. And if you spend money on either Facebook or Google ads, you might want to figure out which days help bring your site the most traffic and organise your marketing budget and bids accordingly. 

Shoppers shop after lunchtime


So, nearly 72% of English shoppers shop between noon and midnight. I’m sure you’re not surprised. However, it’s worth looking into your shop’s particular statistics. Though it might be similar, you  might also be surprised.

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When looking at your marketing spend, it’s all about your return-on-investments. For example, you might only create 5% of your sales during the early morning hours, but if none of your competitors are bidding during those hours, you might end up getting a great deal on your ads during those hours and getting more “bang for your buck”.

At the end of the day, you can only figure this out by trial and error. Running A/B tests can give you great insights into what works best for your audience (and therefore for your business). Keep your daily budget relatively low and make sure you test them long enough in order to get accurate and insightful results.


When looking at stats like these, it’s important to look for the story that they tell. It’s also important to remember that the statistics for your particular business might tell a slightly different, albeit a similar story. For a look at the complete infographic, head to Picodi.

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