Guarantee Included: Building More Confidence with a New Trustbadge

11.07.2019, 0m

The Trusted Shops money-back guarantee gives your customers a certain peace of mind when it comes to financial risks, such as the loss of good during transport. This guarantee is an essential part of the Trusted Shops membership and has helped many shops improve their conversion rates. That is why we have decided to emphasize this guarantee in the Trustbadge®.


In addition to the trustmark, the phrase "Guarantee included" will now appear in the Trustbadge. Customers will then immediately realise that they can shop in your online store without any worries. As a retailer, you'll be able to benefit even more from the trust-effect that the Trustbadge and the trustmark produce for your shop's visitors. 

User surveys confirm the effect of the trustmark

As part of this change, we will remove our company logo from the Trustbadge, as we were able to ascertain from numerous user surveys that the trustmark is in fact the much stronger symbol.

You don't have to do anything

Best of all, you don't need to do anything for these changes to be implemented. Certified online shops with the trustmark will receive these changes automatically. If your shop only uses reviews, then the Trustbadge will of course not change.

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