Product Update: 5 Free Features You Should Test

31.07.2017, 2m
blogtitle_five_free_features_TS.jpgRediscover your Trusted Shops membership and benefits not only from the reviews, the Trustbadge® & Co., but also from all the other small features already included for free in your package. It’s worth the effort, because fine-tuning your online shop can contribute a great deal to making it even more effective. We present to you 5 effective features you might not know about yet.
  1. Set the delivery time of your review request e-mails: Customers are more likely to be willing to leave a review for your online shop if they have already received their order. That’s why you should set the moment that you want to send your review request e-mails based on your average delivery times. You can set the number of days with just a few clicks in your My Trusted Shops account at ‘Reviews – Settings – Collecting reviews’.
  2. Provide a voucher: Shoppers love discount vouchers. Thanks to discounts, customers are more likely to visit your shop again or for the first time. You can create customised vouchers available to customers in the back-end in your My Trusted Shops account at ‘More – Shop vouchers’.
  3. Customise your review profile: The content included in your review profile originates from customers who have left a review for your shop. However, you may want round off your profile with customised texts and make it more informative. You can choose categories, upload the logo of your shop, provide a summary of your offer as well as a short description of the products you sell. You can find this option in My Trusted Shops at ‘More – Profiles’.
  4. Show customers’ quotations in a Sticker: Display customers’ quotations on your website with a fully customised design. Up to ten customer reviews alternate in the Sticker. Insert your TS-ID in the Sticker Generator to get a preview of this feature. Switch to the expert mode by using the button on the top right of the page and see all the settings options of the Sticker, including language, colour, and the number of quotations you wish to display.
  5. Link your review profiles: If you operate more than one website, you may want to link the review profiles of your shops. An overview of all your profiles will then be available on each review profile. This way, customers can get to the other shops you operate via any one of your profiles. To link your review profiles, just log in to your My Trusted Shops account and go to ‘Reviews – Configuration – Displaying reviews’.

Whether you want to collect more reviews, improve customer loyalty or attract more visitors to you website, all these features enable you to optimise your shop. Draw on the full potential of your membership and test the most effective options for your shop. If you have any questions on how to implement these features, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail

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