E-Commerce Compact #13: Amazon Shipping in the UK & TikTok's New Business Platform

06.07.2020, 4m

What's new in e-commerce? In this edition of E-commerce Compact, we'll talk about the launch of Amazon Shipping in the UK and the fact that 28% of orders in online fashion come directly from search and social. Also, keep reading to find out about TikTok starting a business platform and more topics of interest.


Amazon Shipping starts in the UK

Amazon has launched the premium shipping service Amazon Shipping in the United Kingdom.

Being the first market outside of the US to introduce the service, Amazon Shipping will pick up parcels and deliver them to end consumers.


What can we expect from it?

The premium delivery service offers competitive prices while picking up parcels 7 days a week and delivering them to customers. Amazon said they won’t be charging extra fees for cases of residential delivery, peak fees, or weekend deliveries.

The shipping rates depend on how many parcels a retailer ships per day with the Amazon service. 

Interested online retailers are to receive a custom rate card within 2 business days after having given further information to Amazon. 

However, there are certain restrictions: The e-commerce giant says they cannot ship packages with a weight greater than 23 kilograms, a length of more than 120 centimetres and width & height greater than 60 centimetres.

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60% of consumers are more likely to buy again if they know about further delivery procedures 

A Narvar survey interviewing 2,000 people in the UK found that 60% of consumers want brands and retailers to communicate directly with them after the sale.

80% of the online shoppers interviewed stated that consistent communication after the purchase is fundamental in order for them to buy at an online shop again.


The study also revealed that post-purchase problems, such as poor delivery communication, lead to 74.4% of all 1-star ratings.

Moreover, it became obvious that people prefer a certain flexibility in delivery options as a key component for considering repeat-purchases.

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28% of online fashion orders come directly from search and social

A global study by Nosto found that 34% of traffic, 28% of orders and 26% of total order value for online fashion retailers come directly from search and social sites like Google and Facebook.

The study included the analysis of 1.19 billion worldwide visits to online shops during the strongest e-commerce phase (December 2018 to January 2019).


Nosto found that of the four major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat), Facebook and Instagram are the largest sources of traffic and obtain the most orders (organic and paid traffic).

Within the paid traffic segment, Facebook makes up about 73% of all traffic, 89% of all orders, and 86% of the total order value.

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Facebook also leads in the "organic social" segment, as the social network accounts for 53% of traffic, 59% of orders and 56% of the total order value.

Instagram comes in second place with 41% of the "organic social traffic" and as a source for 16% of the so called paid social traffic.

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TikTok introduces business platform

Social media platform Tiktok has launched a global business platform to give brands and business the chance to use the latest social media craze and engage with potential customers.


Online retailers like Asos and Burberry already practice their customer engagement via the new social media platform. TikTok claims that with the new business platform, brands will be given access to new products and services to interact with TikTok users.

"Don't make ads, make TikToks"

Doing so, brands could create their own content based on a certain storytelling, while cooperating with influencers

The appropriate partners for these paid campaigns can be found via the Creator Marketplace

We're excited to officially introduce TikTok for Business and continue building products, services and resources for marketers to engage their communities in a new and innovative way, and show them how TikTok is a creative and valuable marketing platform.

Stuart Flint, VP, Europe, Sales at TikTok


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