New Releases in April: The Customised Review Form Made Simple

08.05.2017, 2m


Since February, the review form can be customised with just a few clicks. More than 350 shops have already set their creativity free. With the new preview function, it is now even easier for you to customise the review form you send to your customers. Discover this and other new interesting features in our April product update.

Preview function for the customised review form

You can easily adapt the review form to the layout of your shop and guarantee a consistent customer journey. In particular, you can add your corporate logo and select the colours of your website.  It is worth adapting the review form to your shop’s layout because it contributes to the recognition value of your company.

We have now introduced a preview function available in the member area to make it easier for you to customise the review form. 


How to create a customised review form in just a few clicks

  1. Keep your company logo in PNG format ready (minimum dimensions: 500x200 pixels).
  2. Log in to your My Trusted Shops. You are now on the configuration page. You can see the box “Customised review form” on the bottom right.
  3. Click on the button to activate the function. Upload your logo and choose the colours of the review button and the frame of the review form by selecting the colour or inserting the colour code.
  4. Save your settings. That’s it: you’ve successfully customised your review form for both shop and product reviews.

The review button in the Gmail inbox redirects customers to the review form

In Gmail, it is possible to integrate the so-called “go-to actions”, which are buttons at the end of the subject line. We use this function in our review e-mails. A customer receiving a review e-mail can thus simply click on the “Rate now” button directly on the subject line to get to the review form, without having to open the e-mail.

Since about 15% of all reviews collected via Trusted Shops come from Gmail addresses, this update will save a click to a great number of customers.

Collecting shop and product reviews with own e-mails

If you prefer a completely customised solution and you’re not afraid of the extra technical effort it requires, you can create your own review e-mails containing a review link. You can create this link by using the Review Request API, a data interface. This is possible for both shop and product reviews which you can collect together or in separate e-mails. The API has now been perfected and can be used. Please click here to find the Review Requests API.

What’s next? The test period for Product Q&A is underway

The test period for the new Product Q&A has started and some shops with Germany as their target market have already been testing it. The principle is easy: a customer asks a question about a product directly on the item page. The shop answers the question. Both the question and the answer are then publicly visible on the item page. Item pages are thus automatically filled in with valuable user-generated content providing potential customers with relevant information. This contributes to reducing aborted transactions and the returns rate.

At the end of the test period, this new feature will be available for other target markets as well.

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