Does Your Company Have a Customer Engagement Plan?

blogTitle-customer_engagement.jpgWhen a company engages with their customers, they’re building relationships. If you don’t have a customer engagement plan, then you’re ignoring the reality of today. With the force of social media, connecting with your customers for two-way communication is almost impossible not to do. And if you don’t engage with them, they will be talking about you on the internet regardless.

Though it’s best to have a presence online and take some control over your online reputation, I don’t mean to scare you. Creating an online presence isn’t only about controlling your online reputation. It’s really about building relationships in the modern age. When you talk with your customers, you’re giving your brand a face and a personality. And it can be up to you what this personality is. You’ll really want to think about the voice of your brand and reflect this in your social media campaigns.

Customer engagement in the past

In the past, customer engagement had one basic metric: sales. If people were buying your product, then you knew they were engaging with it. As time passed by, TV and radio advertising developed. Commercials were the lifeline of TV land (i.e. sponsors), and Nielsen ratings (a.k.a. viewership ratings) were telling of how many people watched a TV show, and thus, how many people watched a commericial. However, this statistic could always be seen as misleading, especially as cable and satellite became normal in every household. With hundreds of channels to choose from, could you really assume that people watched commercials instead of changing the channel during breaks?

Customer engagement today

Today, there are so many opportunities for customers to connect with their favorite (or most despised) brands. If it’s Twitter or Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you can analyse so much about the interactions people have with a specific brand, product or even message that has been put out there.

That’s why we’ve created a free whitepaper for you to download. It will help you create a customer engagement plan that will not only connect you with your customers, but will help build loyalty so those customers come back and shop with your company again and again. Just click on the banner below and get your copy now!

Building loyalty through customer engagement whitepaper