Boost Trust by Displaying Your Name on the Trustbadge


With the Trustbadge®, the trustworthiness of your online shop is always in sight. To boost this trust effect, we have developed two new trust elements we would now like to present to you. We also take the opportunity to show you the new layout of the review requests your customers receive via e-mail. All this and much more in our January product update.

Displaying the Trustbadge on your website is visible proof of the integrity and trustworthiness of your company. In its latest update, the name of your online shop is placed in a prominent position and the certification date is shown under the Trustmark. Your customers can thus get an even more detailed overview of your online shop in just one click. 


How to configure the name of your shop

If the name of your shop has changed or its spelling needs updating, you can modify it in your My Trusted Shops account by clicking on “More – Profiles”. By doing so, you only modify the name displayed on your Trustbadge and on your review profile whereas the internet address (URL) of your shop remains unchanged.

Have you integrated the Trustbadge correctly? Check it now! 

Log in to your My Trusted Shops account and click on “More – Trustbadge” to be redirected to a page where you can see whether the Trustbadge has been correctly integrated into your online shop. If this is not the case, you’ll get the information you need to successfully integrate it.

Updated layout for all review e-mails

Review e-mails invite your customers to leave a review on your shop and, if you collect product reviews, on your products as well. The layout of the review requests has now been updated to make it more appealing. Moreover, customers can immediately see the opportunity to be sent a review reminder at a later stage if they haven’t received their order yet.


Customise the way your reviews are displayed in your user account

Choose how to display your shop and product reviews in your user account in just a few clicks. You can easily customise the way your reviews are displayed on your website.

How to customise the way your reviews are displayed

  1. Log in to your My Trusted Shops account and click on “Reviews – Settings”.

  2. Click on the yellow button in the box “Review Sticker” to be redirected to the “Review Sticker Generator” page.

  3. Enter the TS ID of your shop in the Sticker Generator. Three options are available: choose the option “Testimonials” to show shop reviews, the option “Product Review Sticker” to show product reviews and the option “Review Stars” to show only the stars related to product reviews, e.g. as a preview to be shown on the header of a product page. You can also activate the expert mode on the top right to set colour and size, for example. You’ve now successfully customised the way your reviews are displayed.

  4. Click on “Preview” for the sticker to appear. If you are happy with the result, click on “Source Code” to get the JavaScript code you can use in your system.

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