Analyse Your Reviews with the Performance Dashboard [August Release]

13.09.2017, 2m


As an online retailer, you are extremely interested in knowing how well customers responded to your review e-mails. The Performance Dashboard provides this detailed information. We present here a summary of this and other new features which have been launched in August. 

Regardless of which channel you use to send the review requests to your customers, for example the Trustbadge® or the Review Collector, you always want to know how many customer reviews are actually provided. The Performance Dashboard answers this question for you at a glance.


In the overview, you can see how many e-mails have been sent in the last 7, 30 or 90 days and how many customer reviews you have received as a result for your shop and/or products.

You can access the Performance Dashboard in your My Trusted Shops under "Reviews – Shop Reviews – Performance".

Export reviews to an Excel spreadsheet

We have often heard from online retailers that they would like to be able to export reviews from My Trusted Shops into an Excel spreadsheet so that they can analyse them better or use them in an in-house presentation. We are pleased to be able to respond to this feedback and hence, you will now find the "Export" button in My Trusted Shops above the various lists of shop or product reviews.


You can now receive all the reviews in an Excel spreadsheet by just clicking on the "Export" button. Of course, you are able to filter the lists in advance if desired according to, for example, date or rating.

Collect reviews for your shop and products with the Review Collector

Up to now, you have been able to collect reviews for your shop and products simultaneously via the Trustbadge®. Now,  you can send requests for both shop and product reviews to your customers by e-mail using the Review Collector. 


The basic principle of the Review Collector remains: you can send review requests to your customers by e-mail – without having to integrate anything.  Simply upload the order details in an Excel file, check the data and send requests.

You can find the Review Collector in your My Trusted Shops under "Reviews – Shop Reviews – Review Collector".

Limit review requests for a period of time

Understandably, consumers don't want to be bombarded with e-mails. Up to now,  regular customers who have repeatedly ordered the same product at short intervals, for example, medication, foodstuffs or pet food, have received a review request e-mail after each individual purchase. To prevent this, you can now limit the number of review requests.


You can determine how many review request e-mails a customer should receive within a defined period of time. If you have a customer, for example, who orders the same dog food every week, you can limit the review request e-mails to a maximum of one every 60 days. By doing so, you  prevent the consumer from being asked to review the same shop and the same product each week.

You can set the limit in your My Trusted Shops under "Reviews – Configuration – Collect Reviews".

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback on the features described, please write to