Study: 85% of All Online Shops Carry a Trustmark

20.06.2017, 1m


If you have placed a “trustmark” on the homepage of your online shop, you’re certainly not alone. According to the ibi-Mystery-Shopping-Study, 85% of German online shops use this type of verification on their webpages.

What makes us particularly proud? Over half of the tested shops use the trustmark of Trusted Shops to prove their legitimacy to their customers. Not only that, but the Trusted Shops mark won five gold medals in five categories.


In the study a large amount of different online shops were analysed with test purchases and were checked regarding their range of products, all under realistic conditions.

The study showed there was a difference in the choice of the provider based on the offered product categories.

Vendors in the areas “FMCG” (Fast Moving Consumer Goods, so daily items like groceries, medicine or pet food), “Home & Living”, “Fashion, Shoes and Accessories”, “Sport, Free time and Hobbies” as well as “Others” (for example car parts, gold trade) use the Trusted Shops trustmark the most.

The Trusted Shops trustmark is also close behind in the areas of “Electronics” and “Generalists”; so bulk suppliers for products from books to clothing to groceries. They operate in almost every product category.

Trusted Shops or not: a trustmark is a standard in e-Commerce

“On the basis of the 150 purchases made, it can be derived what the ‘quasi-standards’ for German e-commerce are. These include the use of trustmarks, the use of social media (especially Facebook), or the steps necessary to complete the purchase process. (ibi-Mystery-Shopping-Studie 2016, S.53) The conclusions from the study show also how important trustmarks and other standards are in the online market.

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