7 Easy E-Commerce Growth Hacks (2020 Update)

17.03.2020, 5m

Small tricks that can be implemented rather quickly, yet yield great results fall under the category “Growth Hacks”. In this blog post you will find just that: great results without much effort. Have fun! 


1. Revise your "About Us" page!

Believe it or not, the "About Us" page in your online shop is very interesting to visitors - especially if you run a smaller shop.

Customers are interested in the people, the history and the motivation behind a shop. Tell them about who you are, explain what makes your shop unique, and show them who the people behind the scenes are.

A great "About us" page shows:

  • How you can help your customers

  • Who are the people behind the shop (founder and team)

  • Why you do what you do

  • What is the motivation for creating your shop (it’s rarely just about the money)

  • How long have you been in the industry

  • What sets you apart from the competition

  • Testimonials from happy customers

Online shoppers are longing for an authentic, human shop. This one change can lead to more loyal customers, a high recognition value and, as a result, more sales.

Don’t forget: the more content the better.

And that little bit extra might mean the difference between ranking above or below the competition on Google.

2. Be faster!

The average online shopper can wait about 3 seconds when surfing on their desktops, or about 5 seconds when they’re on the Internet via smartphone.

If it takes longer than that, users will click back to the search results and look for the next website.

pingdom_speedtest_fast_wordpress.pngSome websites load this quickly. Others often need much longer. 

You can literally lose customers if your online store is too slow.

Amazon found that about $ 1.6 billion would be lost if the website took just 1 second longer to load.

In most cases, the product images are responsible for slow loading times. Many shop owners are unaware that you can significantly reduce the file size of an image without sacrificing the quality of the image.

Most shop platforms, or external developers, offer add-ons for exactly that. There are also free online services where individual images can be optimised, such as TinyPNG.

3. Use customer reviews

As much as 85% of online shoppers attach great importance to reviews from other customers.

Those who shop online are aware of this and online stores without reviews seldom look trustworthy. That's why you should start collecting reviews as early as possible.

Some shop owners decide to buy positive reviews - a questionable and, above all, an illegal method. Hoping and waiting for reviews would actually be a better tactic…

…but, by far, not the best tactic!

Of course, in times of automation, there are also tools such as the Review Collector to effectively collect reviews.

With the help of such a tool you can quickly collect a large number of ratings and increase the credibility of your shop.

Trusted Tips: Download our guide on collecting more reviews!

4. Use videos!

Marketers want to put videos in the spotlight even more in 2018. And for good reason: it works.

Even if you do not see yourself as a video producer, it pays to invest in video.


Online shops in particular can produce a large number of different videos:

  • Honest product reviews (advantages and disadvantages)

  • Tutorials on how to use products properly

  • Industry information and insights

  • Backstage/ behind-the scenes content

  • Success stories

Videos that show the advantages and disadvantages of a product, as well as honest test report videos, have the potential to greatly increase your conversion rates.

The videos created on YouTube, the second most popular search engine, also increase the chance that potential customers discover the videos and thus your online store.

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5. Use pop-ups!

Everyone knows them, nobody likes them, and yet they are still used: pop-ups! Although they are unpopular with almost everyone on the internet, their effectiveness speaks for itself.

However, it's important to try out what works best in your store - figure out what produces the highest opt-in rate.

Discounts, free shipping, a raffle, or interesting information (newsletters) may be an incentive for customers to enter their e-mail address.

Once you have the customer's email address (and consent), you can email them periodically to introduce new products or bestsellers and increase your sales with the touch of a button.

Tip: However, for good email marketing, it's important that you not only send sales emails, but also videos, blog posts, or anything that adds value to your customers!

6. Use social networks


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp & co. are now all part of the mix. Just one more reason to use social media for your online shop.

Give shop visitors the opportunity to share product pages. This increases the likelihood of attracting new customers because visitors may discover a product that a friend might like, or might simply want to seek the opinions of others.

Be aware that a single share can grab the attention of hundreds of potential buyers.

Again, most shop platforms offer useful plugins that allow the sharing of images and pages.

Another advantage: It is becoming increasingly clear that likes & shares also influence the Google ranking algorithm and thus lead to better rankings.

7. Add alt tags to your product images

Speaking of Google and rankings, a large number of online shops ignore this SEO tactic and are thus missing out on a huge potential – and the thing is that it’s very easy to use!


Be sure to add matching alt tags to your product images to beat the competition.

Make sure that:

  • old tags of product images are optimised for the same search terms as the product pages themselves

  • the text is short and concise to maximise impact

  • you do not engage in keyword-stuffing to avoid being punished by Google & Co. The alt text should be natural and not forced, but still contain the topic and search terms.


Implement these 7 easy growth hacks and you should notice positive effects in traffic very quickly.

Remember that customers are impatient, so anything to make their customer journey smoother and quicker is going to yield positive results.

Combine this along with some clever SEO hacks and watch your site’s traffic increase in no time!

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