5 Tips for Displaying Customer Feedback

If you go to great lengths to collect feedback for your online business, the likelihood is that you’ll want to display them effectively. Here are five tips for properly positioning your online shop’s ratings on your website, so that the conversion engine will keep humming. 

Striking, but not intrusive 

Ratings should be easy to find, and seen by your customers as an anchor of trust. But don’t let them distract potential customers from your core business, which is your products and services. A good example of a discreet tool is the Trustbadge®, which shows the overall rating score throughout the entire ordering process. Have a look at how Quirkity does it “www.qwerkity.com”

Show previews 

Rating stars are an important indicator for your customers, but reviews speak louder. Therefore, we recommended that you present a selection of between two and six reviews. , This amount is enough for customers to skim over them quickly and give an initial impression. A review sticker makes this, and more, possible.

Customise the layout of the page 

Adjust the rating display to suit your website’s layout, so doesn’t look like some foreign object, but integral part of each page. This goes for not only colour, typography, and formatting, but also style and theme. For example, the wine dealer Lieblingswein has chosen a red Bordeaux frame for their review sticker.

Don’t hide your ratings away 

Place the reviews for your online store directly on your homepage, in a prominent area, rather than on a specially created footer or side section. Your rating display should link to a review profile, where the reviews in full can be found. On the other hand, displaying at the bottom would also give your ratings less presence, and lead people away from the all-important ordering process. We recommend choosing a relatively small rating sticker, display, badge, etc., specifically so it will fit in a prominent place and appropriately on your homepage. 

Use ratings as user-generated content 

When you view ratings directly on your page, they are user-generated content. It’s content that’s been created by your users. This can be used for some bonus SEO. You can pinpoint customer feedback directly with your review sticker, or use our API. With this, you’ll have even more options as to the design of the review sticker, but it’ll take more technical know-how.

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