Top 10 Tips to Write Selling Product Descriptions for Your E-commerce Business

23.04.2018, 4m

It's a competitive market out there today. Whatever your product or service, there are other people offering different, cheaper, or same quality versions. The main thing is to stand out. So whether you're just starting out in e-commerce or you've been around a while, chances are you need to take your product description skills to the next level.


1: Stop describing things.

Have you ever seen a full page advertisement from the 50s? Think about how much text was included, sometimes half the page or more would be writing. And yet, reading through it, you'd always find more than the basic features. It would include more interesting terms, testimonials, stories…

Potential clients already know your product is blue, pocket-sized, and lightweight. What they need to know is how is it different to any other blue, pocket-sized, lightweight product on the market.

2: Think about who's buying your product.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet, and not all of them have a use for your product. So you need to think about the people who do have a use for it. You wouldn't advertise a nightclub by making fun of hook-up culture, or a high end wristwatch by criticizing displays of opulence.

But what you do say matters as much as what you don't! Think about the lifestyle your ideal client leads, and explain how your product fits into that lifestyle.

3: Keep it brief.

If you keep repeating yourself, or write a ten page essay on your product, nobody is going to read it. You know what they're going to do? Check out the reviews and check out the competition.

“If you want potential customers to be interested from the get-go, make sure they can read your product description in 3 minutes or less. Obviously if it is a product with multiple versions and attachments you may want to make it 3 minutes per version. But if the page is getting too long, consider using bullet points”, - explains Brandon Andrews, an E-commerce marketing manager at Uktopwriters.

4: Talk about the details.

Your product is blue, pocket-sized, and lightweight. But there are plenty of other products just like that out there, some with more reviews, or free delivery, or a lower price tag!

If your product has any unique or interesting features, then explain them. The smallest of details, such as a pause button, easy cleaning options, or different colours being available, could sway customers and persuade them to choose you.

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5: Don't use meaningless words.

If someone describes their service as "excellent fast delivery", what does that mean? What do you assume?

Customers are cynical of words you can't measure. Everyone calls their product "excellent", and for some products the fastest delivery is still a week.

Cut out words like "excellent", "great", "world class" from your descriptions and see what you're left with. This is the meat of your description, and what the customer is actually looking at when they want to know your quality!

"Excellent fast delivery" means little, but "next day courier delivery" is sure to attract customers.

6: Back up your claims!

OK, but what if your product genuinely is the fastest, strongest, or best-selling item in its category?

Then you need to back up your claims. Reference studies, reference the competition's own product specifications, reference magazines or articles. If your product is the best, make sure your customers know who called it the best and why.

7: Implement Social Proof

When it comes to buying something online from an e-commerce business, there are so many customers out there which will base the majority of their decisions on what other people around the world have to say, regardless of whether or not they are a complete stranger. Consider how the ratings and review systems work on places like Amazon and eBay. If a product has a one-star review, chances are that you’re not going to buy it.

Johnny Bullington, a Sales Strategist at Eliteassignmenthelp comments: “This is a concept known as social proof, and research suggests that a majority of online shoppers will trust the review of a stranger online just as much, if not more, than they trust the recommendations of their own friends or family. When you have reviews and social proof on your products or service, make sure you’re highlighting them on your website for everybody to easily see.”

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8: Keep it scannable.

Going back to "keeping it brief", we have another important tip on product description formatting: don't write a text wall.

Make sure to break your description down into small paragraphs, and to use bullet points whenever you can. You want customers to be able to read your description quickly and easily.

9: Make sure it's polished.

When it comes to polishing your product description, you need to make sure everything is perfect. If there are spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, not only will your customers have a hard time reading it, but your product may not even show up in their searches!

Consider using specialized tools to make your description presentable:

  • State Of Writing -a formatting and editing guide, to make sure you're doing things right.

  • Word Count Tool- to make sure your descriptions are brief enough.

  • Viawriting or Academadvisor - proofreading services to clean up errors. Spelling and grammatical mistakes are a no-go.

  • Cite It In - helps make sure your references are professional and consistent. If you need references then make sure they are correctly added.

10: Use videos and many photos.

Last but by no means least: make sure your customers have enough visual help to fuel their imagination. In shops, handling a product makes people want to buy it more. In e-commerce, you want your customers to look at a video of the product in use, or see many photos from different angles, so they can imagine what it would be like to own and use it. This will make them want it more.

Bonus Tip!

Customers don't like being sold to. It's a weird little paradox, but customers don't like being reminded that to you, the main priority is selling your item. Even though the only reason they're reading your description is because they want to buy something!

Make sure to include a brief little description of yourself, your company, your inspiration, etc. With an "About Us" section, clients will feel closer to you and be more relaxed and less cynical when reading your product description. A photograph of yourself or your main store is also a great way of making things personal.


When you're trying to show your clients that your product is by far the best, you need to appeal to them on a logical and emotional level. If you follow these ten tips, potential customers will see and feel the value in your product as you describe it and be more likely to buy!

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